You may be familiar with Facebook and Twitter, but what about Snapchat, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest and LinkedIn? There are a huge number of social media platforms at our fingertips, so shall we use them all? … Maybe, but most probably not. Just remember you need to think who your target audience is, otherwise it’s a little like turning up at a field and shouting about your business.

Think about an organisation that you follow, do you follow them across multiple platforms? Take Coke for example, they have 107 million likes on Facebook and 3.33million on Twitter. This is a huge difference in the number Coke has across their platforms.* I took two minutes and scrolled through Coke’s Facebook and Twitter feeds and they have very noticeable differences, the tone and the message differs across each platform.

So, you have a message you’d like to tell people? Take advantage of the many platforms we have access to. Twitter can be short and snappy with a picture and a link to the article whilst Facebook can be a little more descriptive. Or, if necessary, find out about Snapchat and you’ll be able to send that message direct to your followers!

If you are reading this and realising that there are changes you can make to have social media work for you, then contact us at our Corby office on 01536 648006 and we can help grow your business.

*There are more Facebook users than Twitter users worldwide but this still illustrates the point of audiences.