Social media is something everyone is using, right? From young children to members of the ‘grey’ community, logging on has become a daily ritual and witnessing the good and bad that social media has to offer is something that we’re all noticing. Some use (Social media) to keep in touch with the world, others to keep in touch with old family and friends…and then there’s businesses.

If you find yourself at the helm of your company’s social media ‘ship’ then there are a few things you should always consider; what message am I trying to get across, which public am I focusing this message toward and is this consistent with my brand identity. Of course, you may think, “I run a local cobblers and we’ve been around for decades, why do I need to think of all those things?” … Well, people have always formed an opinion on whether they believe a company is; luxurious, friendly, innovative or a number of many other descriptive words. Now, more than ever, you see organisations from all over the world working hard to keep their customers in the loop, whether it’s local news or sales messages.

Over the next few weeks, we at S. C. Agency will be posting some Dos and Don’ts to think of when running your own social media. We believe that social media should be an easy way your customers/stakeholders can connect with you. Try to stop worrying about number of followers for just a second and think about the quality of your feed and what the benefits will be when following you.

If you’re just looking for heaps of followers, then post as many cute kitten pictures as you can!