I’ve just posted a great pun, why hasn’t it gone viral yet? 

Well, according to Twitter, there’s 6,000 messages tweeted per second!

It’s a nice feeling when you have that magical Retweet, it’s the modern-day equivalent of having someone following you around with a megaphone shouting about how good you are! That being said, if you’re looking after your company’s social media page, you should think about what you’re liking and retweeting. Just remember that things you retweet go on your page and essentially become intertwined with your own messages.

Think of your audience, are they likers and sharers? We’d all love our target audience to be these avid sharers, right? Although it would push our reach and show impacts soaring, the serial retweeter usually likes and retweets so many posts that it would become lost amongst an audience that may not actually care about your message in the first place. So, that old ‘quality over quantity’ may be exactly what you need. Five prominent figures in your target audience sharing content should be much more successful than twenty five ‘automated’ shares from random accounts that nobody can pronounce let alone understand.

If you’re just looking for likes and retweets then of course, find as many kitten pictures as you can and proceed to bombard your followers with cute cat pics. But, if you’re looking to grow a fanbase of eager followers, then make sure you’re appealing to what they want from an account such as yours.