S.C. Agency manages social media accounts for a wide range of customers who offer different products and services within the UK. Many companies that don’t have the budget to employ somebody to manage their social media have realised that it is much more beneficial to outsource rather than use their own valuable time resource. After all, we would not try and manage our accounts at year end if we had not had accounts experience, social media is just the same.

When we discuss social media for the first time with potential clients we will advise and suggest the best route of action for them. Not all social media works well for every type of business. With this in mind, we would not always advise that companies should have a presence on every social media platform. If budget is also a constraint we would then suggest focusing on one platform for the business and doing it well, rather than dipping in and out of a few and not generating any sort of impact.

There are many benefits for using social media if done well. If you just use it to sell your products and services and nothing else then you will lose followers and therefore potentially lose the chance of engaging with what could be a future customer.

Benefits include:

Promotion of events (Facebook) – This is great for companies that run offers, sales, training, events, conferences as it can be used to promote activities on specific dates as part of the events calendar. Take a look at one of our client’s events pages to see how this works: https://www.facebook.com/lovecorbyuk/

Link to shopping sites (Facebook) – If you sell products on line you can have a specific shop link on your Facebook page enabling you to track sales from social media. Take a look at one of our clients Facebook page to see their shop link: https://www.facebook.com/frednfriendsseries/

It can supports your website with SEO (All social media) – Search engines love websites that have lots of relevant inbound links going to their website. Good inbound links such as those on social media can help where your website is ranked when people look for your product or service.

Allows you to engage with potential and existing customers – By using social media well you will have the opportunity to engage with your potential and existing customers, this could be via conversations that they have got involved in from content that has been posted. For example, if you post a tip, they may send a message back to thank you for this and how it has helped them. Or it might be as simple as sharing information they have posted to broadcast it to a wider audience.

You can showcase business experience and knowledge – By promoting your own knowledge and experience you have the potential of this information being shared with a wider audience. This could be in the form of tips, blogs that advise and case studies.

Promotion of services/products – Of course, we do still want people to know what we do and this should be included within social media but only as part of an overall strategy.

Brand Awareness – By being active on social media you have the opportunity to get your company name out, locally, nationally and globally.

The above are just some of the benefits that social media has to offer.

If you are interested in outsourcing your social media then please call 01536 648006 to arrange an appointment or email lorna@scagency.co.uk.