Here we are looking at repeat patterns. Although you’d usually associate this with wallpaper and fashion printing, it’s actually a great way of bringing your website to life. It could so easily be used across a number of industries as it’s all about the individual images and how well they work together. In this instance, our design team have looked at wildlife. The next step was then to compose the frame, selecting which images would work best and positioning them.

Is it effective: Repeat patterns are a great way to add style to your website or printed documents. Working well as a stand alone image or used as a background for webpages. They instantly add colour and can enhance your website.

How it can work for you: Whether you’re a mechanic or you sell exotic birds, you’ll be able to use repeat patterns for your business. We can help you choose images that fit within your business, then we’ll be able to create a pattern frame which will the be duplicated, as seen below.