Mid April 2019 a website was launched for a bookkeeping company based in Rushden, Northamptonshire. We have been working with Forest Bookkeeping for a few years now and and have worked on many projects to also include the creation of a holding page prior to the new website being built. Our client then asked us to start to build a new website for him to replace the holding page website.

Forest Bookkeeping’ss logo was made up of contrasting greens and this helped us to create a modern looking website.  Our client felt that rather than use images showing a bookkeeper at work it would be much more refreshing showing the different types of people he works with at work  This site was designed using wordpress enabling our clients to easily manage it going forward and full training was provided.

The final website shows the broad offering that Forest Bookkeeping has to offer and throughout the site incorporates various call to action points. Social media links along with a HMRC RSS feed enables site visitors to find out more.

The domain, meta and seo functions focused on the location and service aspect, a SSL was added for security purposes. As with all of our websites the site was submitted to google webmaster and a site map submitted for Google search purposes. Click here to visit the website.