At the start of July 2019 we launched a website for a plumbing and heating company based in Stanion near Corby. Although Rumac Plumbing and Heating  had been established since 2002 this was their first ever website.

Before any of the web work began we designed a logo so that an identity could be followed for the website and any other marketing tools required. Once this had been completed it provided us with what was needed with regards to style and colour to follow through within the website design. This site was designed using wordpress enabling our clients to easily manage it going forward and full training was provided.

With an eye on the future and the evolvement of the company our client wanted to know if we could design a website that at a later date a shop could be added to it so that he could sell plumbing materials. This has been accounted for within the design and a template is ready for when the client makes the decision for the shop to be incorporated. With much of our clients work located in a 30 mile radius and primarily towards residential customers we ensured that throughout the site we reiterated where they are based and the area covered. Although this area makes up a big chunk of our clients work they also do work for landlords and a small amount with B2B, so this was also incorporated. With no imagery we were able to download enough generic images from the image stock library we have a license for.

The final site we produced is inline with their branding and reflects the markets they work in and services offered. The domain, meta and seo functions focused on the location and service aspect, but no SSL was added although the client felt they would add this at a later date.  As with all of our websites the site was submitted to google webmaster and a site map submitted for Google search purposes.

Click here to visit the website.