Importance of Digital Marketing
After two years of lockdowns and uncertainty we are now starting to see light at the end of the tunnel due to the impact of covid. As an agency our work has been very much split between traditional and digital marketing. However following covid this balance has shifted and now the majority of our clients along with new ones are embracing a digital approach, this is because they now see the importance of digital marketing.


Now we are not saying that traditional methods should stop, but what we are saying is to review your marketing and make sure traditional methods are generating a return and if not then work out why and adapt. For some businesses the digital route may also not be right, but what you need to do is look at your business today in a place where the world has changed and adapt your marketing plan to suit. It might be you no longer have all eggs in one basket and instead split how you sell your products and/or services. Take into consideration how people did business with you in the past, what has changed since the pandemic, learn from this and create a strategy to take you forward.


One of our clients has an interior company that sells furniture and gifts along with offering bespoke services such as interior design and made to measure furnishings. They have two stores in separate locations in Northamptonshire and were very keen to be able to utilise and grow their database along with increasing the awareness of the retail locations. Historically they used to keep in touch from a marketing perspective with their clients, as with many businesses we meet this stopped a few years ago and had meant to be picked up again but other projects took priority. We have been supporting their team to implement this requirement on a retained basis as an external marketing team.


We created a 12-month activity plan that focused on emarketing and website content to not only keep the brand fresh in their customers minds but also entice them to come back to the store and visit. The content created was varied to appeal to a wide variety of customers, and includes store focus, product focus, a day in the life, trends and much more. The copy created each month was then adapted for customers that signed up to receive an eshot along with making it an interesting article to read should people that are not customers visit their website. Their website had been static for quite some time and that was certainly evident when you looked at the analytics. By adding regular articles to their website has certainly helped improve the analytics and click through. Our next focus will be looking at improving organic seo to their website…watch this space!


If you love interiors, furniture and gifts then please do visit their stores, either Plantation House at Bell Garden Centre on the edge of Towcester or visit Heart of the Shires shopping village near Weedon. For directions visit their website along with finding out a little more about what they do:


If you need help with you marketing and not sure of the direction you should be taking then please get in touch with the team at S.C. Agency and they can arrange a meeting to discuss your marketing requirements from a digital and traditional perspective. We offer a retained service to suit the needs of your budget, this suits many of our clients that either have no marketing team and can’t afford to hire, along with those that have a very small marketing team and need additional resources. Call 01536 648006 or visit the contact form on our website to submit an enquiry:

Importance of digital marketing by SC agency in corby