So you’re running your own social media page? That means you’re checking how many new followers you’re getting each month? How many RT’s and Likes you’ve had? These are all important ways to see how your feed is doing, yes, but what about content? 

You’ve got a message you want to tell people, maybe a new product .. or has Deborah just been made office manager? There’s a whole host of reasons why millions of businesses use social media.  Firstly ask yourself who will be seeing these posts, are your followers/‘likers’ made up of members of the local community, investors/shareholders or are they mainly customers? The answer to this should help in the way you construct your post; the tone and indeed the wording you use.

The tone and image is something that should remain consistent throughout all your messages. This helps with the identity of your brand and is a simple, yet effective way of attaching distinctive tags to your brand.

A great example of this would be PaddyPower, they have outlandish posts/tweets and try to turn any sporting moment into a joke, often using expletives (albeit using the *’s) and that’s their identity. Some may be fooled by PP’s image, but as of 2011, they were actually the largest bookmaker in Europe based on total share value.

So just remember, Who am I speaking to with this message? How do I want be perceived? And if you’re still stuck with answering these, then I’m sure we can help you out …