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We have been working with dandi London now for over two years and really feel an incredible part of their team. We have pretty much managed, overseen or worked on every element of marketing within the business apart from the design of the website ….well that was until October 2021.


The original website had been created using Shopify. Since this site had launched back in 2018 the platform had done very well and managed to sell products in over 46 countries, organically! Yes over that time investment was made with regards to PR, sponsoring events and much more that drove traffic to the website, and a small amount of online advertising but pretty much most of the traffic came organically. With that in mind although the look of the website needed updating but what we did not want to change was the platform and functionality as it was working and generating sales.


At the end of Summer 2021 we were lucky enough to form part of the team that created a company video, product videos along with some fantastic lifestyle photography (we will post about this project another time) and wanted to utilise these fresh images on an updated website. The original website mainly used stock images or images that were created internally and photoshopped, so the team were very keen to be able to use the new collection of stills and videos especially as they were able to showcase their entire product range.


As the client only wanted to update the look of the website and nothing else as well as not spending vast amounts of money it was decided to find a Shopify template that we liked the look of and adapt that to suit the clients needs. There were a few features that required more than just the template functionality and between Bob and Lorna they were able to create these bespoke elements along with the fresh new look. Shopify is very easy to work with and allows you to create the theme in the background before migrating it over to the live site. Parts are restrictive hence needing to code certain elements, but as a whole it was easy and were able to get the site designed to enhance and showcase the products, imagery and new videos.


The new site launched in November as part of a campaign that we worked on involving a sponsorship project with Mel Gibson. It was a great project to work on and did not take long to do. It was also not something we had done in the past in terms of using keeping much of the functionality of the current platform and just using an off the shelf template, but for the client it was exactly what they wanted and all within budget.


Take a look at the live site to view the full website and whilst you are there you can also find out about our clients products.


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new shopify website
new shopify website