Please read a marketing project we worked on in 2019 for Love Corby a not-for-profit organisation developed promote everything that Corby and the surrounding areas have to offer whether it is events, jobs or business. The promotion of the area is focused around a website portal with lots of other marketing activities driving people to the website.


Initially Love Corby was set up by Corby Borough Council primarily to promote tourism. Following the launch it was deemed it needed to be more than just that. The council funded the project by contributing £5000 per year along with two staff members managing the project. In addition to this there were several local business leaders devoting their time free of charge to running it. The website portal is made up from businesses in the area all paying a small fee per year enabling Love Corby to further promote these companies.


This all changed when sadly the financial funding ceased. Fortunately the team of businesses (including Lorna from S.C. Agency) along with the two staff members from Corby Borough Council felt that with a planned approach we could continue to make this work with it becoming self sustainable.


S.C. Agency were invited to pitch to write a 12 month evolving marketing plan that would help the group to grow the membership base along with ways to increase the awareness of Love Corby throughout the area. This work was carried out in April 2019. The marketing plan was presented to the marketing team and Chairman and an agreed approach was decided from the ideas / content included in the document. The roll out of this document commenced and it is now used as a tool to map, monitor and track all activity.


Love Corby as a not for profit organisation is now growing and membership has dramatically increased. We still dedicate our time monthly and form part of the marketing team (as non-executive Directors) created to grow the brand.