With the 15th June fast approaching many retailers are starting to get ready to open once again to the general public. It is just not retail that are preparing but lots of businesses, especially as some school children have started to also go back.

Not only will businesses need to adhere to the guidelines being set out by the government regarding sanitising and social distancing they also need to make sure that their customers feel safe and at no risk. This also applies to everybody working within these organisations too.

Of course there have been many businesses that have either remained open or already re-opened during the course of the lockdown. These companies have been able to satisfy the needs by implementing the required measures for social distancing and sanitising. Which is great but does mean that for the businesses that are about to open there are long lead times and lengthy delays for items in certain materials used for social distancing. For example reception / till cough guards that are produced in acrylic stocks are in such high demand and in many places have ran out.  Those manufacturers that have stocks are still struggling to meet the usual lead time just because of high demand, limited staff and in some instances slower postal services. There are alternative materials for items such as cough / screen guards as they can be produced using card. These will work for many businesses but will not last quite so long.

For all businesses that are preparing to open in the not too distance future my advice would be to quickly plan what your business needs and get it ordered as soon as possible so that you are not disappointed if you can’t open when you hope too. Make sure you clearly convey the measures in place to both customers and staff and ensure they are followed.

Considerations to make in getting your business ready to open:

  • Communicate to your customers / potential customers your date of opening (on your building, external signage, website and social media)
  • Before entering the building do you have signage to clearly convey the measures you have in place for social distancing, cleaning and sanitising (poster, stands, stickers, banners or window vinyls)
  • As you enter/in toilets  in your business do you have clear signage about washing hands
  • If you receive lots of customers do you have floor stickers showing a 2m gap for queuing
  • Throughout your business (if in large premises) are you clearly reinforcing social distancing measures (banners /signage)
  • If you have points of purchase/collection/meeting do you have screen guards
  • Communicate how often you will be cleaning door handles and other well used areas
  • If you have areas with workstations (offices, beauty, hair, schools etc.) do you have dividers to separate
  • Do you have PPE in place for your work force (if applicable)
  • Do you have measures in place for anybody showing symptons
  • If your employees visit your customers, what measures do you have in place for their safety and your customers
  • If you do deliveries what measures do you have in place for employee and customer safety
  • Are there any areas of your business that cannot fully open, if yes how are you going to communicate this to staff /customers (pull up banners, barrier systems, floor stickers)
  • When people enter / leave your premises is there a hand sanitiser station available to use

S.C. Agency work with companies to support them with marketing, graphic design, branding, social media, exhibition and print services. Part of their print service includes the supply of a range of tools for businesses to use to help with social distancing and sanitising.

For any businesses interested in looking at getting ready for post lockdown we are here to help, please visit our page with a range of social distancing graphics, hand sanitiser stations, work-station dividers, cough guards and more by clicking here. Alternatively if you have any questions please either call S.C. Agency on 01536 648006 or email studio@scagency.co.uk.