In this article we are looking at polygonal images! These images are becoming very popular now and there’s been some great examples of both companies and celebrities using them. In simple terms, a polygonal image is an image made up of triangles which are then coloured in to reflect the subject, in this case, the polygons have been coloured in to create the different colours/textures of the fox. This method can transform a simple image in to a fun and memorable one, which can then be used on your website or even on business cards.

Is it effective: Just like our other design articles, these polygonal images can be used on your website and leaflets but also work extremely well on business cards. These images are memorable and they often stand out over other images, with their striking yet simple look, it can help set your business aside from the competition.

How it can work for you: You may think that ‘fancy’ designs wouldn’t work with your industry, that your clients wouldn’t get it or there’s nothing wrong with your current imagery. That may be true for many industries, but being a bit creative with your campaign leaflets or business cards could really help push your business on and can change the way potential clients perceive you. As you can see from this image, it’s certainly eye catching and if you’re a ‘modern’ company which has embraced the digital world in which we live, polygonal images could be exactly what you need!

This image at the bottom of thisshows the process our designers went through to create this polygonal image.

There are a number of ways to create strong images for your business, if you’d like to have one of your images transformed to look like this, or would like a new one created, whether it’s a small logo to go on a business card, or a totally bespoke design for your homepage, then give us a call at our Corby studio on 01536 648006.