For this article we’ve delved into the world of double exposure. This is an old photography ‘trick’ which would be created by layering a film  on top of another. But, as we’re in 2018, digital photography is changing the way we process images and with popular software tools, like Photoshop, we’re able to create striking images, all from the comfort of our desk.

Is it effective: This type of imagery is perfect if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and have something bespoke and specific to your industry. Whether you’re a tree surgeon or you run a dental practice, double exposure images are both fun and professional that can be placed on collateral such as flyers, along with looking great on your website. You don’t have to step away from your brand identity either, we can help create great images that work well with your current imagery.

How it can work for you: Although you may think ‘arty’ things like this wouldn’t work for your ‘insert your industry here’ and you may be right. However having an image like this, you’d be able to add this to your website and help your business stand out from your competitors. This double exposure can be done on a whole host of people/buildings, and depending on your industry, there could be some great creative concepts that our design team can work on.

This is a great way to showcase your products and can be added to your website as a stand alone image or on your company leaflet/flyer. Talk to us and see how we can create strong images for your brand! You can contact us at our Corby office on 01536 648006.