The delights of working with a chocolate brand!

We love all our clients but then occasionally one comes along that our studio can really sink their teeth into – quite literally!! Gorgeous vegan chocolate bars. The company is Plamil and they are one of the longest running plant-based businesses in the UK. The MD Adrian Ling is often described as the vegan Willy Wonka and over time has created some extraordinary products from bars to bites and advent calendars to spreads. The Plamil range of products are sold globally so it was great chance for S.C.Agency to design packaging for a worldwide audience.


The marketing manager approached S.C.Agency with three bars from the ‘So Free’ range and a detailed packaging design brief that needed to elevate the brand to appeal to the Gen Z market. With the brand itself having such strong beliefs in ethical and environmental impacts, it was easy to understand why they wished to target this particular group of individuals.


As a design agency we incorporated marketing messages such as ‘Crops not Cows’ and ‘Childhood not Slavery’ into the designs through impactful use of colours, icons and typography. Key messages had to be brought forward through the packaging to remind consumers exactly what they stand for and that every care goes into the production of these bars.


From start to end, the design process was a joy to work on. The new packaging was officially launched on the 1st March and is going down an absolute storm. S.C.Agency have now been commissioned by the client to work on advert calendars, Plamilla spreads and a whole host of other products. Watch this space!


If you would like to find out more about the delicious products abailable from Plamil then take a look at their website:


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