Rebranding can often seem like a great idea, the chance to revamp and breathe new life in to your outdated and old fashioned company image which could change your fortunes. You just need to ask yourself the question, why do you need to rebrand and are you doing it for the right reasons?

When clients contact us for a rebrand we always ask the reason behind it. Here are a few reasons when not to rebrand;

  • I’m bored of the current company logo
  • One of our competitors has recently rebranded
  • Our current branding wont look good on the new company cars

There are some things you should consider when looking to rebrand, here’s a few pointers;

  • Know your target market – what do they like/dislike
  • Why are you going to rebrand?
  • Check URL availability – a potential road block
  • Do you need a new website?
  • What should your brand values be? – Change or maintain current?
  • Whether or not to involve your employees?
  • The impact of search engines (SEO)
  • Refresh your social media presence
  • Update directory listings
  • Consider online and offline marketing materials
  • How are you looking to portray your brand verbally and in writing?
  • Consistency is king
  • Cost out a detailed rebranding plan before you start
  • Engage with your customers in the process
  • Creation of brand guidelines
  • Budget
  • How long will it take to implent
  • Promote, promote and promote!

Although this may seem like a list on why you shouldn’t rebrand, there are still lots of positives and if done well, a rebrand can really help your business. Here’s a few examples of when rebrands are usually needed;

  • You may have been running a franchise for sometime and now you’re looking to go out on your own and need that rebrand to help set you up.
  • Is there another business that’s got a similar logo to yours and whether they’re a competitor or not, people are confusing the two which is having a direct impact on your business.
  • Your business model may have changed over the years, you may have developed new products and moved in a different sector. You could rebrand and adapt it to the sector you now work in.

If your business falls into one of the three bullet points above, call us today to discuss how we can help you successfully rebrand your company.

Our header image showcases a rebrand we carried out for the Compass Children’s Charity.  This company had to create a new brand following issues with regard to use of their current name that was the same as an American charity.