Great project we have been working on with our client Scotts of Thrapston.

Established in 1920, this year Scotts of Thrapston are celebrating their centenary. Part of these celebrations has included evolving the existing branding. The updated branding was created by Annie Scott, daughter of David Scott the owner of Scotts of Thrapston. S.C. Agency have been working very closely with the marketing team at Scotts and Annies team since the summer of 2019 to roll this branding out throughout all marketing materials, event materials, corporate stationery and website.

The updated website is now complete along with new and updated design for marketing materials, event materials and corporate stationery. We continue to work on updating literature and event materials ready for important shows such as Chelsea Flower Show and Badminton House trials. We love the colour palette we are working with that plays homage to trees and the landscape.