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Interested in seeing what it is like working for a graphic design agency? Here are some students who have spent time at SC Agency and you could be next! Want to ask about some of the possibilities we could provide? Call 01536 648006 or fill in our contact form!
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For Students

S.C. Agency love to spend time helping and developing people wishing to embark on a career within the creative industry. We offer unpaid work placements to students. This blog has been written by our students to inspire other students on their creative journey.

Charlie Charlie is doing his HND in Graphic Design at Tresham College and has been visiting us at the studio once a week for...

Olivia Olivia is currently at Tresham College but will be attending Nottingham Trent University this Autumn to study Marketing. She'd like to understand a...

NAME: Nicole SCHOOL: De Montfort University Day One On my first day, I was introduced to everyone. The small team at S.C Agency made me feel welcome and...